Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Comments from The Chef

Any seafood chef worth his or her salt can purchase and prepare seasonally available resources. When these sources require air transport or extensive art presentation your plate cost normally triples.
The lobster and crab I purchase for your sandwich or entrée is cold North Atlantic lobster and Artic snow and Alaskan king crab. Both are blended with codfish or pollock. These are buttery sweet white, semi firm fillets loaded with omega-3 and highly sought after the world over.
As a side note, farm raised Tilapia is virtually void of helpful vitamins and nutrients. Did you know for example, Maryland blue crab develop in human and bovine excrement with a large dose of medical and industrial waste while being berthed in the Chesapeake region?! Our snow crab (as seen on the television show, "Deadliest Catch”), is a much healthier alternative to eastern seaboard stocks. So much so that should you be so fortunate as to travel to San Francisco, you could be enjoying the same delicious crab and lobster that Chowder Up. Seafood uses as in many fine restaurants on Fisherman’s Wharf North such as Crab House at Pier 39, Joes Crab Shack or Than Long- Judah Street just to name a few!
We take pride in sourcing only the finest meats and produce from our local suppliers and through our contacts on the coasts, friends I have made while a seafood distributor years ago.
When Chowder Up. Seafood says we offer “a delicious healthy alternative” we really mean it. It’s not a public relations slogan or marketing gimmick, it’s our commitment to you!
Bon appetite
Chef Tim

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